Design I submitted for the magazine The Collective Magazine. Great new magazine for designers to submit artwork.

Lisa Yuskagave


Charger Faucet

This may look like some high tech new faucet for the future but its actually a charging port for all your devices. Designed by Qi Weijia, the faucet allows you to charge mp3 players, phones cameras, etc. Anything that charges through a usb port.

Sculptures made of Tires

There is an amazing sculpture artist named Ji Yong Ho that has taken sculpting beyond clay, stone, playdo or legos. He makes sculptures out of used tires and they are pretty damn realistic and impressive. Its amazing the things people think of making art of.


Tell me baby why cant you see, that im feeling down

Nostalgia, this video always reminds me of theĀ  90s, growing up. I remember watching this video on beavis and butthead and i remember just laughing hysterically at them dancing to the video. hope yall enjoy.

Beat The Heat

Texas like much of the country is going through a ridiculous heat wave. Theres going to be 5 straight days of 105 degree weather. Its going to be as hot as satans breath. So to battle the heat wave how can you go wrong with ice cream. One of my favorites (wish theyd bringem back but oh well). WWF Ice Cream

In dedication to Bob Marley

After designing the Bob Marley banner, I started scrolling you tube for some bob marley videos. Got to love Bob Marley, his music, and the message he had. Peace and Love

2 days left of my 30 day challenge

Its definitely been challenging so far. Ever since I started this 30 day design challenge I found myself daydreaming a lot. Ill be at work and somebody will be talking to me and all that goes through my head is what designs to come up with next. I guess Im not a good listener. Maybe thats the ADD and not the design challenge. Who knows. My latest design I designed for the Bob Marley facebook page. They were looking for designs for banners so I decided to take a shot at it. If you win you get 2 bags of Bob Marley coffee : ) Ive never had Bob Marley coffee. I wonder if it gets you stoned, worth a try.

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