Sculptures made of Tires

There is an amazing sculpture artist named Ji Yong Ho that has taken sculpting beyond clay, stone, playdo or legos. He makes sculptures out of used tires and they are pretty damn realistic and impressive. Its amazing the things people think of making art of.


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  1. ilkart

     /  08/04/2011

    Amazing indeed! Strange and beautiful — captivating, yet oddly uncomfortable at the same time… The sensation induced by these objects is so very primal; they stand as though modern day artifacts of the postmodern psychosis induced by contemporary politics.. then again, it’s that very primal appeal of the pieces that captivate me to ponder beyond the contemporary…. I can’t stop looking, I am breathless!
    Thank you for sharing his work. How lucky am I to have come across you blog today.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I agree, thats what makes them so beautiful is because there strange and different. Its like a breath of fresh air to see something different. You make a very good point, that they are like artifacts of modern times..


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