Neon Posters

Mr Whaite has some pretty interesting posters through his tumblr. Who doesnt love neon, who doesnt love movie posters and to combine the two, makes for a whole lot of love.

Funny Pro Wrestling Promos

Who knew pro wrestling is so funny. JSlayez over at youtube has tons of compilation promos of the funniest pro wrestling bloopers. The best one is the guy that fell through the wall and his cheap glitter covered, storm trooper mask fell off.

The Misery Machine

Looks like Scooby Doo and Velma have real monsters to deal with. Too bad Shaggy, Fred, & Daphne couldnt hang, Jermaine.

Belated Old School Sunday

I was out of town and just wanted to add this weeks old school sunday post. Good ol Janis Joplin. Thank you, Thank you very much. (Sorry that was Elvis)

Fried Green Onions

I love watching older music videos like these from the 60’s and 70’s. It really shows the power of music during a time of a lot of prejudice, music can bring all colors and creeds together.

NFL Sunday

I miss John Maddens commentary. Football just doesnt seem the same without him drawing the squiggly lines on the screen or throwing his two cents on plays. At least there is one positive though, no more of those Tough Actin Tanactin commericals.

Wood Burger

Mmmm…..Mighty Tasty


“I command you to.. WANK.” I wonder what they meant by that…is it something dirty?

Sic Transit Gloria

artwork by contraomnes

Happy Labor Day

Time to get the barb -q pit and the jet skis out, its labor day. In celebration of labor day, added a post of the funniest stress related freakouts. Hope everybodys enjoying their three day weekend.


Markus Lenhard

If you looking at the photos your probably thinking their photoshop tattoos but they actual are real tattoos. Marcus Lenhard has been doing some of the most amazing color work in the tattoo industry. He comes up with tons of biomechanical designs using a tablet and computer. He has plenty of his concepts on his website. If your ever in Amsterdam and looking for a great tattoo be sure to check out his work.

The Salvador Dali Playboy Issue

Salvador Dali’s artwork is some of the most recognized artwork that there is today. One of his most recognized art piece “The Persistence of Memory” shows his extreme talent in surrealism. The 1973 pictures in Playboy, were directed by Salvador Dali to show his great artistic vision even through photos.

Teenage Dope Slaves

How often have you heard of a guy in a purple suit with a purple dick tracy hat selling drugs to a teenager in his bedroom, with his mom there? Maybe once according to this cover.

Wheres my money, honey?

This man suffers from a bad heart, LOL, yeah right

This movie easily is on my top 5 favorite movies. Its just funny the whole way through.

Nick Baxter

Another great tattoo artist out of Austin, TX, Nick Baxter has some of the best color tattoo artwork amongst most tattoo artists. His tattoos dont even look like tattoos really. They look more like some one airbrushed these designs on someone,

Jeff Ensminger Great Tattoo Work

The great tattoo artist Jeff Ensminger out of Austin, Tx has some of the best color tattoo work Ive seen. His style is so varied and he has many other great works on his website at Jeff Ensminger.

Rolls Royce of the Future

American Pin Up Artist Gil Elvgren

When I think of pin up art, the first thing that comes to mind (besides the beautiful woman) is Gil Elvgren. His work has been popular from from the late 30s until the early 1970s. The style of Gil Elvgrens pinups have greatly inspired the tattoo world. The majority of pin up tattoos that you see are very similar, if not identical, to Gil Elvgrens artwork.

Black Sabbath

I may not have grown up during the 60s but I really enjoy that generation of horror movies. They were just genuinely spooky and didn’t have a lot of gore and violence to be spooky. Black Sabbath is probably one of my favorite movies from that generation. This movie still is spookier than most horror movies out today.

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