Blackalicious.:Make You Feel That Way


Serum.:Afro Pick


Diamond District.:The Shining


Old School Sunday

Morcheeba.:Self Made Man


Interesting music video lichtwerk3 made on youtube. Combining the great song from Morcheeba with the short film from Tim Burton “Vincent.” Hope you enjoy

Katy Perry.:E.T.

I love the visuals in this video. Its like a acid trip on mushrooms.

Pseudo Slang X Trucker Stroe.:Cool Letter Man


Jane’s Addiction.:Mountain Song (Official Music Video)

funny gifs

GWAR.:The Road Behind

Mystik Journeymen ft. The Grouch.:The Doorman Song

Sneaker Pimps.:6 Underground

Miss the days when MTV actually played music videos. Oh well

MGMT.:Electric Feel

Great music video with amazing visuals. Superfunkypsychadelictrippyness. Oh yeah


Tell me baby why cant you see, that im feeling down

Nostalgia, this video always reminds me of theĀ  90s, growing up. I remember watching this video on beavis and butthead and i remember just laughing hysterically at them dancing to the video. hope yall enjoy.

In dedication to Bob Marley

After designing the Bob Marley banner, I started scrolling you tube for some bob marley videos. Got to love Bob Marley, his music, and the message he had. Peace and Love

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