Neon Posters

Mr Whaite has some pretty interesting posters through his tumblr. Who doesnt love neon, who doesnt love movie posters and to combine the two, makes for a whole lot of love.

The Misery Machine

Looks like Scooby Doo and Velma have real monsters to deal with. Too bad Shaggy, Fred, & Daphne couldnt hang, Jermaine.

Top Of The World

artwork by mattahan


If you love zombies, you will love the illustrations of Alexander Wells. His style shows many different type of characters in their zombie glory. To look for more of his work you can check out his website at Wells Illustration.

Wood Burger

Mmmm…..Mighty Tasty


artwork by Studiom6

Sic Transit Gloria

artwork by contraomnes

Markus Lenhard

If you looking at the photos your probably thinking their photoshop tattoos but they actual are real tattoos. Marcus Lenhard has been doing some of the most amazing color work in the tattoo industry. He comes up with tons of biomechanical designs using a tablet and computer. He has plenty of his concepts on his website. If your ever in Amsterdam and looking for a great tattoo be sure to check out his work.


Digital art piece I did for Subnav, one of the best mix websites on the internet.

Gig Posters



The Salvador Dali Playboy Issue

Salvador Dali’s artwork is some of the most recognized artwork that there is today. One of his most recognized art piece “The Persistence of Memory” shows his extreme talent in surrealism. The 1973 pictures in Playboy, were directed by Salvador Dali to show his great artistic vision even through photos.

Kate Moss real Lisa Yuskavage painting

Kate Moss doing a interpretation of the famous Lisa Yuskavage painting. Pretty much looks identical

Toasted Che

Very interesting portrait from Henry Hargreaves, of Che Guevara made with a combination of burnt toast and bread.

DDSC LA Riot art

artwork by Devilpig

Old Man

Via Rebecca Nurse

The Dolls Collective Magazine

Heres the first issue of the doll’s collective magazine. They submitted some of my artwork in the magazine of a design I did based on addiction called “Mans Ruin.” It inspired me from a tattoo design I saw a little while back. Heres the design they used.

Deviant Art Dr. Pepper Contest

Over at deviantart they have a contest that ends today where you can submit your artwork and it could potentially become a mural in New York City. The prize is they fly you out to New York for the unveiling of the mural. Not to mention they give you 3,000 bucks and a ipad. I entered my submission in and there is a lot of great artwork in the contest to compete with. Wish everybody luck in the contest.

Cyclops in a 3-D Movie

Via Rye Bread

Rolls Royce of the Future

Pau Bonet Skin Paintings

On the second picture it looks like a picture of a guy who has those gag teeth that you get from one of those gumball machines.

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