The Misery Machine

Looks like Scooby Doo and Velma have real monsters to deal with. Too bad Shaggy, Fred, & Daphne couldnt hang, Jermaine.

The Dolls Collective Magazine

Heres the first issue of the doll’s collective magazine. They submitted some of my artwork in the magazine of a design I did based on addiction called “Mans Ruin.” It inspired me from a tattoo design I saw a little while back. Heres the design they used.

Cyclops in a 3-D Movie

Via Rye Bread

Number Vone

Tattoo design I worked on for a friend

Rockin’ Jelly Bean



Design I submitted for the magazine The Collective Magazine. Great new magazine for designers to submit artwork.

Sculptures made of Tires

There is an amazing sculpture artist named Ji Yong Ho that has taken sculpting beyond clay, stone, playdo or legos. He makes sculptures out of used tires and they are pretty damn realistic and impressive. Its amazing the things people think of making art of.


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