Digital art piece I did for Subnav, one of the best mix websites on the internet.

Deviant Art Dr. Pepper Contest

Over at deviantart they have a contest that ends today where you can submit your artwork and it could potentially become a mural in New York City. The prize is they fly you out to New York for the unveiling of the mural. Not to mention they give you 3,000 bucks and a ipad. I entered my submission in and there is a lot of great artwork in the contest to compete with. Wish everybody luck in the contest.

Pixel Buddha

Number Vone

Tattoo design I worked on for a friend


Via Gloom82

I Am The City

Concept involving city textures with stencil art. First one is called brick and the second one is called concrete.

If fairy tales where R rated

The great comic book artist J Scott Campbell, known for the danger girl comics, has a series called fairytale fantasies. Where he depicts what children stories would look like if they where geared for adults.


Gig Posters

The great people over at have a really nice website that lets you search for any artist and be able to buy a gig poster from one of their shows. The artwork in all of their posters is amazing. I think between and gigposters, Id choose gigposters.


Design I submitted for the magazine The Collective Magazine. Great new magazine for designers to submit artwork.

2 days left of my 30 day challenge

Its definitely been challenging so far. Ever since I started this 30 day design challenge I found myself daydreaming a lot. Ill be at work and somebody will be talking to me and all that goes through my head is what designs to come up with next. I guess Im not a good listener. Maybe thats the ADD and not the design challenge. Who knows. My latest design I designed for the Bob Marley facebook page. They were looking for designs for banners so I decided to take a shot at it. If you win you get 2 bags of Bob Marley coffee : ) Ive never had Bob Marley coffee. I wonder if it gets you stoned, worth a try.

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