Funny Pro Wrestling Promos

Who knew pro wrestling is so funny. JSlayez over at youtube has tons of compilation promos of the funniest pro wrestling bloopers. The best one is the guy that fell through the wall and his cheap glitter covered, storm trooper mask fell off.


“I command you to.. WANK.” I wonder what they meant by that…is it something dirty?

Happy Labor Day

Time to get the barb -q pit and the jet skis out, its labor day. In celebration of labor day, added a post of the funniest stress related freakouts. Hope everybodys enjoying their three day weekend.


Teenage Dope Slaves

How often have you heard of a guy in a purple suit with a purple dick tracy hat selling drugs to a teenager in his bedroom, with his mom there? Maybe once according to this cover.

Wheres my money, honey?

Cyclops in a 3-D Movie

Via Rye Bread

Sex Ed

This is a pretty interesting way of simplifying sex ed.

Via BoundSparrow

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