Twisted Nursery Rhymes

Little Red Riding Hood

Humpty Dumpty

Todd Mcfarlanes Monster Series 4: Twisted Fairy Tales is about as twisted as it gets. The realism in these toys is amazing. Just look at the Humpty Dumpty aboveĀ  (if your not eating anything), the amount of detail is insane. The toys definitely take a gorier look at the classic fairy tales.

Black Sabbath

I may not have grown up during the 60s but I really enjoy that generation of horror movies. They were just genuinely spooky and didn’t have a lot of gore and violence to be spooky. Black Sabbath is probably one of my favorite movies from that generation. This movie still is spookier than most horror movies out today.

Clive Barkers Infernal Parade

These toys take a twisted look at circus performers from the minds of Clive Barker and Todd McFarlane.

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