Lil’ Wayne.:Tha Carter IV

Just heard the new Lil Wayne album “Carter IV” and I have to say that there are a handle full of good songs on the album. Its most definitely better than “I am not a human being” and “Rebirth.” Not to mention he has plenty of east coast and southern rap legends such as Nas, Jadakiss, Rick Ross and Bun B on the album. I would recommend this album if you are a hardcore Lil’ Wayne fan but if your expecting this album to be like the Carter III, your going to be a little bit dissapointed.

Click link to download song:
Lil’ Wayne.:Abortion

Charger Faucet

This may look like some high tech new faucet for the future but its actually a charging port for all your devices. Designed by Qi Weijia, the faucet allows you to charge mp3 players, phones cameras, etc. Anything that charges through a usb port.

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