Old School Sunday

Fried Green Onions

I love watching older music videos like these from the 60’s and 70’s. It really shows the power of music during a time of a lot of prejudice, music can bring all colors and creeds together.

Old School Sunday

Old School Sunday


Hey Joe I Heard You Shot Your Lady Down

You know the funny thing he can play the guitar better with his mouth then most people can play with two hands today.

The Verve.:Bitter Sweet Symphony


Old School Sunday

Serum.:Afro Pick


Old School Sunday

Morcheeba.:Self Made Man


Interesting music video lichtwerk3 made on youtube. Combining the great song from Morcheeba with the short film from Tim Burton “Vincent.” Hope you enjoy

Katy Perry.:E.T.

I love the visuals in this video. Its like a acid trip on mushrooms.

Pseudo Slang X Trucker Stroe.:Cool Letter Man


Jane’s Addiction.:Mountain Song (Official Music Video)

GWAR.:The Road Behind

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