Markus Lenhard

If you looking at the photos your probably thinking their photoshop tattoos but they actual are real tattoos. Marcus Lenhard has been doing some of the most amazing color work in the tattoo industry. He comes up with tons of biomechanical designs using a tablet and computer. He has plenty of his concepts on his website. If your ever in Amsterdam and looking for a great tattoo be sure to check out his work.

Nick Baxter

Another great tattoo artist out of Austin, TX, Nick Baxter has some of the best color tattoo artwork amongst most tattoo artists. His tattoos dont even look like tattoos really. They look more like some one airbrushed these designs on someone,

Jeff Ensminger Great Tattoo Work

The great tattoo artist Jeff Ensminger out of Austin, Tx has some of the best color tattoo work Ive seen. His style is so varied and he has many other great works on his website at Jeff Ensminger.

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