Old School Sunday


Old School Sunday

Old School Sunday

So whatcha want? A sandwich and a pepsi

This man suffers from a bad heart, LOL, yeah right

This movie easily is on my top 5 favorite movies. Its just funny the whole way through.


Diablo 3 Artwork

For those that grew up playing video games in the 90s you may remember a game called Diablo. Probably one of the best games every made. Also what made Diablo so great was its artwork. So here we are 10 years later and a new Diablo is coming out along with new artwork.

Sneaker Pimps.:6 Underground

Miss the days when MTV actually played music videos. Oh well

MGMT.:Electric Feel

Great music video with amazing visuals. Superfunkypsychadelictrippyness. Oh yeah


Tell me baby why cant you see, that im feeling down

Nostalgia, this video always reminds me of theĀ  90s, growing up. I remember watching this video on beavis and butthead and i remember just laughing hysterically at them dancing to the video. hope yall enjoy.

In dedication to Bob Marley

After designing the Bob Marley banner, I started scrolling you tube for some bob marley videos. Got to love Bob Marley, his music, and the message he had. Peace and Love

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